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Sandra Stamos

Name:  Sandra Stamos

Job Title:  Forensic and Counselling Psychologist Registered with HCPC

Place of Work:  Cover the Residential and Supported Living Services

I have one and half decades of experience in providing risk assessments, psychological assessment reports to Courts and treatment for adults or young people in prison or custody, as well as children and families. Over the years, I have provided assessments to Court on a criminal and family / children’s matters, and have also given expert testimony as required.
I have operated a private practice (both counseling and forensic assessment) therapeutically working with children and families, adults and couples on a range of presenting issues. I have also worked with adults and young people with substance misuse issues as well with couples receiving IVF treatment around issues of donor gametes, and assessing prospective donors.

For the last 9 years I have been working with adults with a diagnosis of Autism and other difficulties, in supporting them to live more fulfilling lives.
When did you know you wanted to be a Psychologist?  I was interested in pursuing psychology from an early age and undertook studies whilst I worked as a volunteer with a telephone counseling service.
I was fortunate to work with children and families early on in my career path and when I commenced post graduate studies I began private practice and offering counseling and forensic assessment.

After relocating to the UK in 2001 I became interested in working in the field of Autism and mental health, as I had worked briefly in this area in the earlier stages of my career
Professional role models:  I was inspired by a number of excellent clinicians and practitioners that I was fortunate enough to work with over the years, some of which were my clinical supervisors. I have tried to follow in their steps in terms of integrity, compassion and hard working
What motivates you? What makes a good day?  I enjoy working with people and always have. I gain a lot of satisfaction through my work as part of a team, I observe meaningful and positive outcomes for my clients. The rewarding nature of my work is what keeps me motivated and drives me on.