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Victoria Hulstrom

Name:  Victoria Hulström
Job title: Deputy General Manager at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Qualifications:  Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities, Dip. RSA, ADOS, PTTLs, KUF Personality Disorder, Further study in Infection Control
Place of work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus
How did you get into a career in care: throughout my schooling and social clubs I had had contact with people with Learning Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health needs. When looking at A-Levels I chose psychology and sociology as two of my subjects which further peaked my interest in working with people and working for better quality and outcomes. I took a brief break after my A-levels and it was then that I realised it was a career in Nursing that was for me.
Professional role models (who and why):  I had an excellent mentor for a large chunk of my student nursing who was very experienced in various different fields of Learning Disability nursing. I am pleased to still be in contact to this day.
What motivates you:  making a positive impact on people’s pathway through care and working with the team to support patients labelled as ‘difficult’.
Unusual skills / interest: work wise or otherwise?  I am Mayor of Royston.
What makes a good day?:  Seeing the campus really come alive in the summer with lots of outdoors activities