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Vidya Rajbhoj

Name: Vidya Rajbhoj

Job Title: Counselling Psychologist

Place of Work: Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Vidya is working with Brookdale since 2013 as Counselling psychologist. Her interest in the field of Autism began with the first job she held after her qualification in 2004, as a Counsellor working in children's services for Autism.

She is trained in Applied Psychology and has a specialisation in Counselling, REBT and CBT. Vidya has worked in various services including children's services, special needs schools, IAPT, universities (involved in research), corporates and adult services in government and private sectors. 
Vidya considers herself fortunate to have had an early introduction to psychology with some of her close family members being associated with the field of psychology. 

There are many renowned psychologists who have been founders of what we know today of psychology. However Vidya is particularly fascinated by the American Psychologist, B. F. Skinner who is one of the pioneers in the Behavioural Psychology, an inventor and a philosopher who has given us the ‘operant conditioning’, ‘schedules of reinforcement’, ‘shaping’ and so on… which is so relevant and effective while working in the field of Autism for supporting the individuals to manage their challenging behaviours. Vidya also greatly appreciates the CBT and Mindfulness and recommends must read for general population, books by Christine Pederasty, ‘Mind Over Mood’ and ‘Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ by Mark Williams.

Vidya is of a view that treat individuals as ‘whole’ and not in parts with their specific problems and so believes in a holistic approach towards therapeutic interventions.

Vidya enjoys hiking. She thinks that it takes one very close to nature and also helps us to be grounded with the very mother earth. It is also like practising mindfulness meditation when you are just with the nature and inhale it with every breath you take whilst with it.