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A Poem by Amy entitled 'Awards'

Amy has recently become the first patient at Milton park to take on a paid role working alongside the clinical team to drive up the quality of the service. As the official quality checker she was asked to present an award at the recent tracscare care awards. Amy wanted to share her experience by writing a poem about her day.

A stripey dress the wrong colour Tights
No shoes to wear a manic rush
The pressures on to look the part
An award to Give some lines to say
An anxious yet excited mood
A date not quite that far away
Supporting staff and colleges too
The car journey was very fun
All of us facing the unbeknown
An energy drink a real kick start
Lots of jokes and laughing too
A posh hotel lots of people
How can I do this im too scared
Victoria gayle and dom
Amy lachae alexa and faye
All the staff to lean upon
 confidence building hour by hour
a lovely three course meal we had
socializing meeting new people
conversations are flowing
relaxing atmosphere
happy times
learning of developments and all that we`ve achieved
I feel proud to be a part of tracscare and brookdale
As a team
My big moment has arrived im on the stage with victoria
To present best newcomer award
Adrenalin pumping through my body
We call the finalists to the stage and watch the videos played
Presented with the award they stand and take a bow
Our day comes to an end with jokes about bread and best wishes to all
We`ve achieved so much as a team and individuals too
It shows our commitment to change the lives of others
Thankyou for a wonderful insightful day