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Spectrum Star - Bespoke Autism Outcome Measurement Tool

Are you responsible for placing or reviewing a person's care placements?
  • Do you know how they are progressing within services?
  • Are providers able to demonstrate how their care plans are supporting individual needs?
  • Are providers able to demonstrate ‘Value for Money’ and Outcomes
  • Are people supported actively involved in the care plans? 
With reduced budgets and the need to provide visual results it is more important than ever that care providers are able to demonstrate value for money and display successful outcomes.  At Brookdale Care we are constantly striving to improve the levels of information we can provide our commissioning authorities.  For individuals with Asperger syndrome we are often required to use the Mental Health HoNOS (Health of the Nation Outcome Scales), which, whilst this is a suitable tool for individual with a recoverable mental health condition, does not meet the complex nature of a pervasive developmental condition such as Autism and Asperger syndrome. 

These were key driving forces behind the development of the Spectrum Star, an Outcome Measurement Tool specifically for individuals with Autism. 
Clinicians and residents worked together to develop an outcome measurement tool that is specific to the Dyad of Impairments and the challenges individuals on the autistic spectrum often face.  The unique formation of the Star provides visual guidance and recognition on how the individual is working through their issues and areas that require further support.
The Spectrum Star enables Commissioning Authorities to see how the person is progressing.  They can identify what therapeutic interventions are supporting the individual and see where they require more support to enable them to progress onto a lower level of care.  We use the Spectrum Star as a key tool in our CPAs.
The people we support have worked through the Spectrum Star with a keyworker identifying areas of ability and difficulties.  The Therapeutic team and the individual then use the Star to develop a person centred support plan that meets their actual needs.  The Star is reviewed every 6 months (recommended) to see how the person is progressing in the 9 key areas.  We have found that they are proud to take their Star to their CPA to demonstrate how they are progressing and to prove that they are achieving something.
Throughout the development process clinicians worked with individuals in hospital and residential care services to develop a tool that is:
  • understood by the individual living with Autism 
  • easy to use by keyworkers 
  • covers the key issues relevant to people living with Autism 
  • promotes discussion between the individual and keyworker on how they feel they are progressing
  • focuses a care plan to areas that the individual requires support

Quotes from the people we support who have worked with the Spectrum Star:

"The scales helped me to describe where I am and show me what I have to work on to get better".

"The star has shown that there have been big improvements.  It has also been good to give my thoughts on how I think i'm doing right now". 

Quote from a care professional working with the Spectrum Star:

"The Spectrum Star is easy to use and really supports person centred planning".

"Being clear about what the issues are allows interventions to be more targeted and progress to be charted more clearly". 

Brookdale Care developed the Spectrum Star with Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise.  Triangle have worked with partners to develop 14 Outcome Stars for a variety of conditions such as Mental Health and Learning Disability.