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Welcome to Milton Park Therapeutic Campus

Milton Park provides a locked structured environment with person centred therapeutic intervention for individuals with:

  • Autism (Autistic Spectrum Conditions including Asperger syndrome)
  • Mental Health Conditions such as, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, Personality Disorder, OCD, Depression
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Patients at the hospital may also be Detained under the Mental Health Act, under court diversion or informal.
Milton Park Therapeutic Campus has specialist units for PICU, Women with Autism and Personality Disorder, locked and unlocked rehabilitation services for Men and Women and individuals with Learning Disability.

Click here to view the Milton Park Quality Account 2016/2017

Located near St Neots on the Cambridgeshire / Bedfordshire border, patients at Milton Park benefit from the on-site Star Centre and community facilities in the local town as well as the excellent road and rail links.

Patients at Milton Park benefit from a robust care pathway that promotes positive risk taking and supports the individual to achieve real outcomes and progress onto a less restrictive environment, for example Pathway House.
We listen to the person’s needs, so when you come here we try to understand what things you really enjoy doing, we listen to the things you have some difficulties with and we put a plan around you to support you the best.  Through the Spectrum Star, 1:1 input, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, we try our best to bring the person along the care pathway to give them a more fulfilling life.
Tiago Pinto, Clinical Psychologist, Head of Therapeutic Services
Our clinical and therapeutic team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists work holistically with you, the Mental Health nurses and the support staff on the unit.  The team develop a person centred care and treatment plan with you that meets your identified needs and supports your recovery. Your plan will include your personal timetable, 1:1 and group therapy sessions and a range of social activities at the Star Centre.
Every patient has a Spectrum Star or Recovery Star – an outcome measurement tool specifically for Autism and Mental Health needs.  This is part of the active transition plan which identifies the skills required to enables the individual to progress onto a community placement.  

  Read the Milton Park Therapeutic Campus brochure here

We encourage visits from interested parties, especially if someone may be considering a placement at Milton Park, so please take this opportunity to come and meet the staff team and fellow patients and see our facilities. You can then get a real feel for what we have to offer and make your decision based on that – I promise you will not be disappointed !
David Lewis, Hospital Director, Milton Park Therapeutic Campus.

Here is a list of the specialist units providing support and treatment for Autism at Milton Park.  To speak to someone regarding the inpatient options available at Milton Park please contact us on 01707 646 646 or   



The Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit is for people experiencing a period of crisis and requiring a safe, structured environment to receive proactive treatment and support.
The PICU at Milton Park has expertise of supporting people with Autism and Mental Health needs.  Staff provide a structured and caring environment that meets the challenging needs of the individual.
Once stabilised, patients are supported onto the rehabilitation units at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus. 


Woman’s Unit – Ashwood

Females with Autism are often undiagnosed due to their ‘unusual’ and non-typical Autism presentation.  Some may have been misdiagnosed with Personality Disorder, Eating Disorder or Bi Polar Disorder or have a co-morbid presentation. 
A key goal on Ashwood Women Unit is to understand the individual, understand the causes of their difficulties and then build a support plan that meets these identified needs.
The ladies on Ashwood also receive specific support on understanding their body, to develop strategies to manage their self-care and learn how to protect themselves from being vulnerable in society.  The ladies also learn the independent living and communication skills that we support everyone to achieve.

Learning Disability Unit – Cooper 2
Cooper 2 provides a robust Autism friendly environment for adults with Autism and severe Learning Disability.  Patients may be admitted due to previous poor management of their Autistic needs resulting in the individual exhibiting challenging behaviours.
Cooper 2 provides a structured environment where staff are extensively trained in Autism and use augmented communication to communicate with the patients.  Staff get to know the patients likes and interests and use these to engage with the individual.  Speech & Language Therapists work with patients to improve their communication skills and develop social stories and augmented communication (such as pictorial timetables, menu plans etc) this means the individual is informed on what is happening and has more choice and control on how they live their life.
By meeting the individuals needs and giving them a means to communicate we see a dramatic reduction in challenging behaviours, a reduction in incidents of self-harm and greater levels of engagement, resulting in the ability for the individual to progress onto a community placement.

IBSS Intensive Behaviour Support Service

One of Brookdale’s real strengths is our Multi-Disciplinary Team’s (MDT) ability to establish small 'niche' services that can offer original solutions to previously difficult to help individuals. 
From recent referral analysis we recognised that a small group of individuals really can not tolerate living with others.  When forced to do so they challenge the situation in the only way they can, resulting in behaviour that harms them, other residents and care staff.
True isolation in a single service also doesn't offer a truly therapeutic or cost effective solution. 
The IBSS service is four 'single service flats' each made up of a bedroom, on suite bathroom and sitting room. All four 'flats' share a number of common rooms to promote socialising, with the service users knowing they are never far away from their own safe haven.  The unit also benefits from its own sensory room, specially trained care staff (including ABA) and of course our full clinical MDT. 

Pathway House – the best of Health and Social Care

Pathway House is a robust residential care home on the site of Milton Park Therapeutic Campus.  Pathway House provides a hospital step down service which enables residents to transition out of a mental health hospital placement into the community when a transition to a ‘typical’ residential care home would be too great. 
Residents at Pathway House benefit from the care and support of the Therapeutic and Clinical team at Milton Park and have access to the Star Centre and community.  Click here for more information on Pathway House.

The Star Centre

The Star Centre provides therapeutic, leisure, social and relaxation activities to all the patients at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus. 
Activities are based around the needs and interests of the patients as identified in their Spectrum Star and the Patient Feedback sessions.  Each activity is designed to be fun and engaging for the patients but is built on objectives of skill development and achieving therapeutic goals.
For example: during the Kitchen Skills sessions, patients are developing and enhancing the following skills:
  • Conversation skills
  • Time planning
  • Budgeting
  • Food hygiene
  • Cooking skills
  • Cleaning skills
  • Shopping
  • Star Centre activities include:
  • Drama
  • Gym
  • IT Lounge
  • Art & Crafts
  • Games consuls
  • Pool table
  • Social groups
  • Games

Star Centre activities include:

Activities at the Star Centre are based on a 10 week timetable.  The activities are based on the needs and interests of the current patients and incorporate key religious and community events.

The Team

Staff at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus are committed to providing quality care and real outcomes to adults living with Autism, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities.
Read more about key members of staff on our Meet the Team page.

To speak to someone regarding the support options available at Milton Park please contact us on 01707 646 646 or   

CQC Inspection reports

Click here to view the Milton Park Quality Account 2016/2017

Milton Park Therapeutic Campus is regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The CQC inspect care homes and hospitals to ensure that they are meeting National Standards and ensure that they are providing good quality care and real outcomes for their clients.
Milton Park Therapeutic Campus