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This is an area of the website dedicated for content created by the people we support at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus.

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KC Match Report on England vs Wales - Euro 2016
Half Time: England were losing one nil against Wales and the mood of team seemed low. The mood seemed low but England worked well together. Rooney kicked the ball into the box, it was very messy, but Vardy managed to score and equalise. Sturridge was given an opportunity to score but he missed so the game continued to get tense. Bale worked very hard for Wales but the English defence remained strong. In the 92nd minute, Sturridge scored a late winner.
England 2                                   18th June
Wales 1                                        By KC

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New Milton Park Family/Visitor Room
We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new family/visitors room at Milton Park.
The clinical excellence group at Milton Park felt that it was necessary to have a protected space that the people 
we support could meet with their family/friends away from the unit. We have designed a wonderful homely environment where families can relax, watch television and enjoy a meal with their loved ones. 

The feedback we have had so far is that families really like the new area which provides a peaceful and private space to spend time together. Our quality checker has designed a feedback form that we will be encouraging visitors/family to complete to make sure that we continue to provide a space that meets the needs of those that use it.

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Safeguarding from Abuse
We take Safeguarding seriously.  This protects the people we support and staff from experiencing abuse, bullying and enables a positive caring environment.  Please see two of our Safeguarding leaflets below. These are used to allow the people we support and staff to to be more aware of information and guidance around Safeguarding and abuse. For more information around Safeguarding please click here or email Jerry Skrzypczak (Safeguarding Lead) at ​.

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Carers Forum - Question and Answers
On Friday 10th June Milton Park will be hosting the latest Carers Forum event. The Carers Forum is run to provide carers the opportunity to meet the staff team and discuss any views, concerns or previous experiences. The forum topic at the event on Friday is ‘Open Forum’  instead of focusing on a specific topic. So if you been invited to the Carers Forum on the 10th June we would love to know any questions you have/ topics you wish to discuss prior to the event so we can prepare content and resources. If you do wish to ask any questions/have a topic suggestion in mind,  please email We look forward to seeing all Carers at the event.

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A Poem by Amy entitled 'Awards'
Amy has recently become the first patient at Milton park to take on a paid role working alongside the clinical team to drive up the quality of the service. As the official quality checker she was asked to present an award at the recent tracscare care awards. Amy wanted to share her experience by writing a poem about her day.

A stripey dress the wrong colour Tights
No shoes to wear a manic rush
The pressures on to look the part
An award to Give some lines to say
An anxious yet excited mood
A date not quite that far away
Supporting staff and colleges too
The car journey was very fun
All of us facing the unbeknown
An energy drink a real kick start
Lots of jokes and laughing too
A posh hotel lots of people
How can I do this im too scared
Victoria gayle and dom
Amy lachae alexa and faye
All the staff to lean upon
 confidence building hour by hour
a lovely three course meal we had
socializing meeting new people
conversations are flowing
relaxing atmosphere
happy times
learning of developments and all that we`ve achieved
I feel proud to be a part of tracscare and brookdale
As a team
My big moment has arrived im on the stage with victoria
To present best newcomer award
Adrenalin pumping through my body
We call the finalists to the stage and watch the videos played
Presented with the award they stand and take a bow
Our day comes to an end with jokes about bread and best wishes to all
We`ve achieved so much as a team and individuals too
It shows our commitment to change the lives of others
Thankyou for a wonderful insightful day
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