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Autism residential care and supported living options

We provide specialist residential care homes and supported living for adults with Autism and Asperger syndrome, individuals may also have a learning disability. 

We want to help you to reach your full potential, we want to give you the confidence to make choices and take real control of your life.
To enable you to live the life you want we have a range of Supported Living and Residential Care options for adults living with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

We will help you to understand your Autism, develop coping strategies to overcome your anxieties and help you to develop independent living and social awareness skills so you can live successfully in the community.
  • Choose where you live: we have care homes in a North London high street, Bedfordshire village and Cambridgeshire Town, so you have the choice in your homes location, size and feel. 
  • Choose who you live with: each home has a different peer group with different ages, abilities, likes and aspirations. 
  • Choose how you are supported: our Spectrum Star outcome tool ensures you get the right level of support, tailored to your specific needs, which enables you to take real control. 
  • Get the right support: Brookdale’s clinical, therapeutic and support staff are all highly trained in Autism, Mental Health and Leaning Disabilities. 
  • Choose how to be healthy and safe: from life skills to budgeting, from road hazards to internet safety, you can develop the skills you need to live a fulfilling life and achieve long term goals. 
  • Choose how to take part in your community: are you sporty? Do you like shopping? Do you want to make new friends, carry on your education or get a job? We will enable you to accomplish your aims. 
  • Get the right help to make changes for your future: Brookdale’s integrated care pathway gives you Real choice. If you are looking for a safe hospital discharge, specialist residential care, respite care or your first supported living place, we have the skills and flexibility to enable you to succeed. 
Our Autism care services are located in North London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, although due to our specialist Autism support and successful outcome we support people from across the UK. 

So whether you are leaving school or moving out of your parent’s house, we have the skills to support you to live the life you want.

To find out more or to visit any of our services, please call our referral team on 01707 646 646.  

   Read our Residential and Supported Living brochure here
   Read our Manor Farm brochure here

Care Quality Commission Inspection Reports

Brookdale Care are proud that all our residential care homes and supported living services are fully complient with the Care Quality Commission. 

Read all the home inspection reports on our CQC Inspection page HERE